Clara performs with Ezra aboard the Mucky Mammoth.

Clara is a Lithuanian musician first encountered in Act IV. She plays the theremin, and is traveling on tour down the Echo River aboard the Mucky Mammoth, her next stops being Nashville and then Atlanta. She suggests to Ezra that he tape record as many "found sounds" as he can and incorporates them into her performance at the end of the Act.

Clara previously knew Junebug and Johnny from playing concerts; she held a show at the flower shop, with Cyrano (who the characters encounter at the Rum Colony) as the opening act. During her performance the venue began to shake violently, causing the patrons to worry that the glass roof was going to shatter overhead. It is implied that Clara's ability to channel such power through her music is the result of a traumatic or painful experience.

Clara has a sister, Nadia, who lives in Lithuania, and with whom she speaks at the phone station about their dying uncle, Andrius. When Nadia complains about Andrius' refusal to take visitors in hospice care, Clara insists that she take him at his word, musing that the young and healthy cannot possibly understand the motivations of the dying and must respect their wishes.