5 Dogwood Drive is the mysterious address to which Conway is making his final delivery for Lysette's Antiques. Finding and arriving at this address serves as the ultimate goal for many of the characters throughout the game. At the beginning of the game, Conway stops at Equus Oils to ask Joseph for directions, remarking that while he has been making deliveries for quite some time, he has never heard of a Dogwood Drive. Joseph informs him that the only way to get there is to take the Zero, thereby initiating the course of the plot.

When Conway and Shannon ask Lula Chamberlain about Dogwood Drive at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces, she says that she used to live on a street called Dogwood, which was a "surface road" (i.e. not on the Zero), but that the name has since been changed to avoid confusion with other streets of the same name ("name collisions," as she calls it).

In Here And There Along The Echo, the guide talks about a town that has its own roads, but which has no roads leading to or from it, and which is inhabited by horses who walk the streets like people. In another segment of the intermission, it is suggested that Dogwood Drive is in fact a street in this town.