Central Exchange

Shannon speaks with Poppy at the Echo River Central Exchange.

The Echo River Central Exchange is a telephone operating station located along the Echo River. Conway and Shannon visit the Exchange in Act IV to make a mail drop for Cate, and there they encounter Dashiell Morse, Poppy, and Flora. It was formerly a train station, but after a great flood washed the trains away the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces relocated the phone company into the space. It was later purchased by the Consolidated Power Co. and renamed "Consolidated Auxiliary Switch Number 30."

Dashiell is a man who was laid off years ago but who nonetheless continue to come to the Exchange to repair mechanical equipment. Poppy is the last of thirteen operators still working at the Exchange, and now oversees the transition of labor there from humans to machines - that is, she is "training her own replacement."

It is at the Central Exchange that Conway is taken away by other workers from the Hard Times distillery, having at this point turned entirely into a neon skeleton like the rest of the employees.