A presently abandoned mine explored by Shannon Marquez  and Conway during Act I .

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Elkhorn Mine in travel gameplay


A standard mine, treating its employees badly and rationing electiricity throughout. Shannon and Weaver Marquez's parents used to be employed by the mine, until the miners accidentally broke into a underground lake and the mine was flooded. The mine is haunted by the ghosts of the drowned miners.

Weaver's parents were folk song archivists, they built a stage in the mine to record the songs of the miners. They escaped when the mines flooded but Shannon's parents died.

Act IEdit

Conway and Shannon are forced to travel the mine after their initial sound tests to judge the suitability of the tunnels for travel cause the enterance to collapse. This hurts Conway's leg, and they must travel by tram throughout the mine. 
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Traversing Elkhorn Mine

They discover the stage which Shannon explains was used by archivists. Down the tunnel with the broken track Shannon finds piles of helmets that had belonged to the deceased miners. They also come to a dead end tunnel which nearly hits the Zero, Shannon and Conway think they hear rumbling "like a highway".

They exit the mine and Conway finds the notebooks left behind by Weaver's parents.


Shannon and Conway travel the mine on the tram. In the center of the mine around the turnstile are a variety

Elkhorn Mine navigation turntable

of objects used to tell the direction and track that one is travelling. The randomness of the objects used to tell the direction is similar to those used in navigating the Zero.

There are three sets of objects on either side of the track.

1. Pendelum and casket - left: stage, right: dead end with tape player (can be played by turning the cart light off)

2. Animal bones and rowboat - left: collapsed enterance, right: exit

3. Bat feeder and scarecrow - left: dead end due to the Zero being right behind the wall, later in Act II while Conway and Shannon travel the Zero, they will experience deja vu while driving past this spot. right: broken track.

Secrets Edit

If Shannon and Conway traverse the mine with their light off, the scenery will be periodically illuminated by the sparks of the cart contacting the power line. Every 3-4 sparks, the mine will be full of shadowy figures, most likely representing the miners killed when the mine flooded. As Conway and Shannon drive towards the exit with the light off, the figures can be seen walking towards the exit.