Emily acts as a producer at WEVP-TV, though she disavows formally working there. Ben & Bob appear to have an interest in ghost hunting. It is implied that all three died when WEVP-TV was destroyed during the flood.

During the Acts, Emily, Ben, and Bob appear as three ghostlike bluegrass musicians who act as an unconventional Greek chorus. They seem to be based on The Bedquilt Ramblers who provided the bluegrass tracks for the soundtrack.


Ben bob emily

Emily, Ben, and Bob playing a tabletop game in the basement of Equus Oils.

Act IEdit

Conway encounters Emily, Ben, and Bob playing a tabletop game in the basement of Equus Oils. They do not see or hear him, preoccupied with their missing twenty-sided die. Conway retrieves it from a tunnel, but upon returning, they have vanished. The player may choose to leave the die on the table for them, or to pocket it.

Later, the trio can be seen and heard playing "You've Got to Walk" in the foreground as Conway leaves the Marquez Farmhouse after speaking to Weaver.

Act IIEdit

The three appear in the forest playing "Long Journey Home" as Conway and his group head to Dr. Truman's.

Act IIIEdit

The three are found at the entrance of the Museum of Dwellings, arguing about whether to enter after hours. Although Conway insists on helping them decide, they still can't seem to see or hear him.

In the Hall of the Mountain King, as the group heads back to the truck, Emily, Ben, and Bob's shadows can be seen flickering behind the fire as they play "What Would You Give."

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.54.52 AM

The trio at the entrance of Limits & Demonstrations.

Limits & DemonstrationsEdit

In Limits and Demonstractions, the player controls Emily, Ben, and Bob as they explore a small retrospective of Lula Chamberlain's artwork. They seem uncertain about many of the pieces.

The Entertainment Edit

In The Entertainment, the player controlled Bar-Fly can turn around to see Emily, Ben, and Bob watching the production from the audience.

UPDN EmilyBenAndBob

Emily considers Ben & Bob as they attempt to prepare a radio for ghost hunting in the studio of WEVP.

Un Pueblo de Nada Edit

The player controls Emily and can interact with Ben and Bob at various points during the evening broadcast. It is implied that the events of Un Pueblo de Nada explain their deaths.