Ezra museum introduction

Ezra's museum introduction

Ezra is an imaginative young boy and claimed brother to Julian. He likes to explore and think up dramatic stories, and claims to be an avid reader.


Ezra's family used to live in a large house, but was eventually evicted and left homeless. While the family slept at a bus stop, Ezra and Julian took off to explore. Their family had vanished when they returned, but all of their belongings remained untouched.

Afterward, Ezra and Julian lived at the Museum of Dwellings for some time, where Ezra befriended Flora. Because many of the residents were uncomfortable sleeping in the museum, Ezra and Julian decided to fly the homes out to the woods at night and bring them back in the morning. After they flew Dr. Truman out, he decided to stay there.

Act IIEdit

Conway and Shannon meet Ezra on the roof of the Museum of Dwellings. He tells them where Dr. Truman is and calls Julian down to fly them both to the forest to meet him. While Shannon helps Conway through the forest to the doctor's house, Ezra talks to Conway's dog. Once they get to the house, Ezra watches TV with Shannon.

Act III Edit

After returning from Dr. Truman's, Ezra decides to travel with Conway and Shannon in hopes of finding his parents while Julian flies the rest of the dwellings out to the forest. He does not largely contribute to this act, but adds his imaginative viewpoint to many situations.

Depending on the player's actions, Shannon may become quite protective of him. However, Ezra seems much more interested in Junebug, who treats him as a more mature and independent person. As Junebug and Ezra wait outside Hard Times, Ezra asks her about herself, and Junebug explains her (and Johnny's) backstory and identity. Ezra considers his own identity, and may decide he prefers being alone, being with his family, or becoming a musician.