James B. Carrington is an enthusiastic and verbose director, playwright, and pseudoscientist. He wears a robe and carries a large pair of antlers.

Act IEdit


Carrington speaks with Joseph

After driving all day looking for a venue for his play, a tragedy based off The Death of the Hired Man, Carrington has run out of gas. Should the player return to Equus Oils before heading to Elkhorn Mine, Conway will encounter Carrington conversing with Joseph about possible venues while Carrington waits for a tow truck. Conway may suggest a bar (presumably for a concert) or a warehouse (likely for illegal activity). Carrington then explains that he means to put on a play he has written based off The Death of the Hired Man. He reveals that his original venue has fallen through, and asks that Conway keep an eye out for a new one. He requests that the venue be "Somewhere outdoors. Somewhere intimate. Somewhere tragic."

Act IIEdit

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Carrington and Lula at the Bureau

If the player met him in Act I, Carrington will replace Rick at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces at the opening of Act II. He will ask Lula about a request he filed and reminisce briefly about their past friendship.

Additionally, if the player returns to the bureau before visiting the Saint Thomas Church, Carrington will be standing by reception. He will ask Conway if he has found any venues, and the player may suggest Equus Oils, Elkhorn Mine, or the Saint Thomas Church.

Act IIIEdit

If the player spoke to him in Act II, Carrington will appear at the location Conway suggests.

At Elkhorn Mine, Carrington expresses concern about the place's acoustics. Conway may suggest he use the mine's PA system.