Julian, Conway, and Shannon in the forest

A giant eagle and claimed brother of Ezra.


Though unclear if they are somehow really magically brothers, Julian and Ezra have been together for some time. He used to fly Ezra far and wide, including one such time when upon returning, Ezra's family (and his own?) had vanished.

He now lives in the woods with Ezra and flies the homes from the Museum of Dwellings out there every night.

Act IIEdit

Hearing Ezra's call, Julian swoops down and picks up Conway and Shannon , carrying the three of them to the woods. Here he appears as a "vehicle" of sorts, allowing the group to fly over the world map from a perspective they have never had before.

Act III Edit

Julian is absent for most of Act III. He appears perched on a streetlight in the parking lot by the Museum of Dwellings, at the very beginning of the Act, but remains unseen while the group breaks down on the highway and travels to the Lower Depths. The remainder of the act is spent traveling the Zero and various places underground, where Julian cannot follow.

Act IV Edit

Julian does not appear in Act IV at all. Ezra can potentially mention him to Johnny, in passing, saying he'll return to live with Julian in the woods when their journey is over. However, there are other options - Ezra may want to travel with Junebug and Johnny, or may not be sure where he intends to go next.

Nature Edit

Julian is a bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, the national animal of the United States. He stands some 30 feet tall, making him 9 or 10 times the size of a typical bald eagle. Bald eagles were declared an endangered species in 1967, largely due to sport hunting, pollution, and the prevalence of the pesticide DDT. Following environmental reforms and the banning of said pesticide, the species was removed from the endangered species list in 1995.

As a character, Julian appears to be simply an animal. He does not speak, though Ezra speaks to him, and does not seem to express opinions on the goings-on of the game. The name Julian is derived from Julius, the last pagan emperor of Rome. It is also the name of several Christian saints, including Julian the Hospitaller, who is a patron saint of travelers.