Kentucky Route Zero is an episodic game created by Cardboard Computer, an independent studio consisting of Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy, with Ben Babbit.

The 5-part series follows the journey of Conway, a delivery man; Shannon, a TV repair woman; Ezra and Julian, brothers who have lost their family; and Junebug and Johnny, a pair of mechanical musicians.

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Title Medium Release date
Act I Video game January 7, 2013
Limits & Demonstrations Video game
Art exhibition
February 8, 2013
October 4–10, 2013
Act II Video game May 31, 2013
The Entertainment Video game
Theater play
November 22, 2013
Act III Video game May 6, 2014
Here And There Along The Echo Video game
Telephone voice portal
October 30, 2014
Act IV Video game July 19, 2016
Un Pueblo de Nada Video game January 25, 2018
Act V Video game to be released

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Kentucky Route Zero

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Limits and Demonstrations · The Entertainment · Here And There Along The Echo