Lula Chamberlain at her desk in the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces

Lula Chamberlain is encountered by Conway and Shannon during the beginning of Act II .


Lula was once part of a band. She met her friends and later coworkers Joseph and Donald at a performance at their university.

She also designed the set for The Entertainment , a stage play performed in 1973.

Lula has been an installation artist for many years -- a display of her work can be seen in Limits and Demonstrations. One of these art pieces addresses her relationships with Joseph and Donald and suggests that Lula abandoned the surface world to explore the Zero. This makes it more than likely that she also began to work at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces around this time, since the last recording is of her heading to work or at her desk.

Act IIEdit

Lula is working in the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces as a senior clerk during Act II. She recieves a letter concerning her rejection from the Gaston Trust for Imagined Architecture, and may reply politely or sarcastically, or may go back to her work instead. If Carrington was met in Act I, she will have a converse with him about a vague but impossible request he put in. If not, she will speak with her manager, Rick.

Conway and Shannon approach Lula for help finding Dogwood Drive. Lula reveals that she once lived on a Dogwood Drive, but that it cannot be the same one as it -- and many other roads -- have been renamed to prevent computer errors.

Lula directs the two protagonists to search an off-site storage facility for files containing directions to Dogwood Drive.

Shannon's cousin, Weaver Marquez, is revealed to have interned with Lula. They regularly emailed each other for some time afterward.

Lula is either convinced of Joseph's lingering love for her, blaming him for sending Conway and Shannon solely to find her, or impressed by Weaver's trust in her, assuming she sent them specifically to find her.


  • Lula Chamberlain's name is derived from William Chamberlain, creator of the poetry program, Racter.
    • A "placeholder dialog" .txt in the game's files contains the text "The policeman's beard is half constructed." This is a reference to the 1983 book, by William Chamberlain, outlining and supposedly composed by the program.