Conway stands inside the Marquez farmhouse

Address 100 Macondo Lane, this is the old residence of Weaver Marquez and her family, and where Conway encounters her during Act I .

Weaver's family tore down the old house on the property and built this one. They were quite underwater with loans afterward due to the expensiveness of it. 

Act IEdit

Conway travels to the farmhouse at the instruction of Joseph , since he knows Weaver knows the Zero well. Here Conway meets Weaver, who sends him to the "on ramp" for the Zero aka the Elkhorn Mine.

Once he returns here with Shannon they use the old TV Joseph sent to open the "on ramp" to the Zero in the back yard.


Marquez barn


Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 3.02.08 PM

Marquez Farmhouse while in travel gameplay

The house is located northeast of Equus Oils, "just past the burning tree that is always on fire". It is on the top of a hill, with a barn behind it and a little old graveyard to the right. There is no one buried in the graveyard.