Previously the site of a neighborhood where Dr. Truman lived, the land was converted into a museum. The new museum, still under construction, displays various types of homes, ranging from houses to boats, barns, birdcages, and even greenhouses. People who used to live in the neighborhood were allowed to remain within houses on display. Many, if not all, took the offer. 

Most of the residents are adults, though one girl, Flora, resides there with her parents.

Conway encounters a cabin here which he recognizes from his childhood.

Because many of the residents are uncomfortable sleeping in the museum, Ezra and Julian move their houses into the woods at night and return them come day.

Act IIEdit

Conway and Shannon arrive here and interact with the residents while looking for Dr. Truman. Conway and Shannon end up on the roofless second floor, where they meet Ezra. He tells the two where they can find Dr. Truman and calls Julian to help them.

Act IIIEdit

Conway, Shannon, and Ezra return here after Dr. Truman "fixes" Conway's leg. In the parking lot they encounter Emily, Ben and Bob of Limits and Demonstrations, as well as Flora who has folded a paper boat.


This portion of gameplay is unique in its flashback style. The player does not control the dialogue of Conway or Shannon as usual, but instead interacts with a recording of the museum staff from the following day as he or she interrogates the residents about the protagonists' trespassing.