Overdubbed Nam June Paik

An installation art piece created by Lula Chamberlain and included in the Limits and Demonstrations game.

The recordings by Lula included in the piece take place over 15 years.


The piece is constructed out of recordings on tape which has been mounted to the wall. In order to play it a hand-help tape player is pulled along the pieces of tape and the sound comes out of the speakers on either side.

At the end of each recording a variety of options are given as to which piece comes next, much like a "choose your own adventure" book.


The piece tells a broken-up story about the relationships between Lula, Joseph , and Donald

  • It is revealed that the three of them met in college and became colleagues, working closely on a project involving computers and punch cards (one of which is labeled "caves").
  • Her romantic involvement with each man varies depending on the choice made by the player.
    • She may have been in relationships with both of them at different times.
  • Lula at one point moved to Mexico for 3 years and had no contact with either of the men to "spite them". She is only reconnected with them after an accidental encounter with Donald.
  • They take computer equipment down into a large sink hole in the woods and Joseph calls it "The final resting place".
  • One recording, typically the last, is of an argument shouted through the cave system, Lula is far away from Joseph and Donald and their voices are distant. Some men had come poking around, Joseph mentions that the men didn't sound normal and it is insinuated that they are to be feared. The three of them try to decide ways that they can hide. Donald suggests to "go deeper, they'll never find us." At this, Joseph decides to leave for the surface. Lula says she is going to to drive her station wagon down into the caves to find the Zero. The two men protest, revealing that Lula's voice is the only that will activate a machine they have created. She begins to head down and tells them she will mail them the recorded tape.

The last recording in the art piece is more than likely not the last sequentially. Lula states in an earlier recording that it is her last and she lets the tape run out while either a) on her way to work or b) sitting at her desk, depending on which previous option is chosen. It is probable that Lula is recording these messages while in the Zero and working at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces .


The strange men that are mentioned during the last recording before Lula journeys below are mentioned in a similar way to the Hard Times Whiskey boys mentioned in The Entertainment and by the secretary at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces in Act II. Perhaps they are the same.