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The storage center

A storage facility on the Zero. It was previously used to store files and records for the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces, though many of the records (including those on Dogwood Drive) have not yet been transferred.

Saint Thomas Church met in this location for a short time before disbanding.

Act IIEdit

Shannon and Conway arrive here and speak to the janitor about finding the records left by the Bureau. Shannon goes to find the records while Conway stays and rests his leg. He and the Janitor listen to some old sermons from the church and/or make small talk. When she returns, Conway blacks out and has a flashback to the accident in Elkhorn Mine.

Act III Edit

While on the Zero, the player may optionally return to the facility. Mary Anne can be found painting canvases in one of the storage lockers, and Conway and Junebug converse briefly. If Conway mentioned the location to Carrington as a venue for his play, he will appear here.

Saint Thomas Church Edit

After the Bureau reclaimed the church's cathedral, the congregation was relocated to the storage facility. Eventually they stopped showing up, presumably due to the poor atmosphere and the lack of space. The janitor appears to be the only remaining member.