Rum Colony
The Rum Colony is a location featured in Act IV. The characters can choose to stop there along their journey down the Echo River. The Rum Colony is a beachside bar run by a man named Patch, who is serving a floral drink to guests that evening. Cyrano, a musician and friend of Junebug and Johnny, performs the songs "Dark Rum Noir" and "My Light Heaven" featured in the Act IV soundtrack there. During Cyrano's performance of the latter song, which is performed on a steel lap guitar, Johnny collects tips for him around the beach.

Employees of the Bureau, including Rick and Mary Ann from Act II , are found celebrating at the bar, many of whom are highly inebriated and are celebrating some kind of event or milestone from work (though what exactly this milestone is they are not sure). 

Using her flashlight, Shannon finds a number of discarded items strewn about the beach, such as a damp matchbook and a VHS.

Conway sits alone on the corner of the beach with his drink for the entirety of the scene. When Shannon comes to retrieve him, he is found speaking with a group of workers from Hard Times, who have gathered at his table. However, Shannon appears not to be able to see the other workers and asks Conway who he's talking to, a question he avoids answering directly.