Junebug and Johnny perform "Too Late to Love You" at the Lower Depths.

"Too Late to Love You" is a song performed by Junebug and Johnny at The Lower Depths in Act III. It also appears on the Act III soundtrack. Musically, it is an ethereal, synth-driven dream pop song. It was written by Jake Elliott, produced and performed by a digitally manipulated Ben Babbitt[1], whose voice becomes gradually more distorted over the course of the song.

In the game, Junebug says that she and Johnny first heard another singer perform the song, and decided to start incorporating their version of it into their sets. As they perform the song, the roof gradually falls away, exposing the night sky behind them. When they finish the performance, the roof returns.

During the performance the player can select the opening lines of each verse, thereby changing the direction of the song. In the soundtrack version, a woman tells the story of being heartbroken after being left by her lover; when he returns to her years later, trying to steal her back, she has already committed to somebody else. Despite her substantial sadness and regret, the narrator turns down her former lover's propositions and resolves to maintain her commitment. The lyrics closely parallel the relationship between Conway and Lysette.

Lyrics Edit

When you left me, my heart was broke in two.

But I patched it up, and promised I would wait for you.
It's too late to love you now,

It's too late, I've made my vow.
As long as you were gone
I knew that I was free,
Free from certainty that our love could ever be.
It's too late to love you now,
It's too late, I've made my vow.
After the years, I know that I'm bound to my fate,
Because you waited too long,
It's too late, it's too late.
It's too late to love you now,
It's too late, I've made my vow.
Another love came by and stole my heart away;
I wish that I could take it back, but it's too late.

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