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Emily examines Ben & Bob.

Released between Act IV and Act V on January 25, 2018, Un Pueblo de Nada is the fourth interlude and shows us the final broadcast of WEVP-TV from the perspective of Emily (Bob and Ben are also present). It takes place an indeterminate amount of time before the Acts. The player is able to explore the station as a storm rages outside just before the evening broadcast. The interlude is named for a video (produced by the show's host Rita) about the, now lost, native people of the area that is shown during the broadcast.

You can also watch a live-action recording of the evening's show at (Note: The video includes minor elements not found in the game.)

Gameplay Edit

Like Limits and Demonstrations and The Entertainment, the story takes places in the round. It advances as the show is recorded, and Emily is able to investigate the studio, explore her own thoughts, and talk to people at various moments during the broadcast. The interlude begins with Maya entering the station as a guest for the evening’s broadcast.

Characters Edit

  • Rita hosts the show.
  • Maya is the guest.
  • Ron brings in a tape he calls “Wild”.
  • Geoff calls in.
  • Bob and Ben “repair” a radio for ghost hunting. 
  • Moe the crow manages the tape playback.
  • Cyrano and Elmo do the weather.
  • Nikki enters late in the broadcast to read her poetry.

Background Edit

We learn from Act IV, that WEVP-TV was destroyed during a flood and that Weaver’s broadcast interruption was the last thing to air before it’s destruction. The crash sound implies that this is what happens at the end of the interlude, which explains why Emily, Ben, and Bob are experienced as ghosts during the Acts.

Additionally, the game and the ancillary videos make reference to a, then recent, murder of an "out of towner". Nikki's poem at the end of the broadcast and Emily's conversation with Slow Moe the Crow both make reference to it, as do the Aunt Connie PSA's.

Trivia Edit

As with Here And There Along the Echo, you can call a phone number (1-270-301-5797) to listen to a recording and leave a message.