WEVP-TV was a local community television station maintained by the residents of the Echo River, which the player learns about during Act IV. The station was eventually destroyed by a disastrous flood. The Consolidated Power Company. had been forced to fund the station as punishment for having too much of a monopoly on broadcasting. The station was premised on the notion of community engagement and was known for a program in which a completely nude man played a banjo. 

Weaver and Mimi both worked at WEVP at some point in their lives. Mimi produced a few art films for the station, and Weaver worked on managing the archives; however, Mimi reflects that Weaver seemed smart and could have been of more use fixing electronic equipment.

Weaver ultimately disappeared from the station - not necessarily uncommon given the transient and voluntary nature of the work - only to reappear in a mysterious "interference" that disrupted the station's normal broadcast. This interference consisted of a video featuring Weaver standing in the station's studio, speaking in low, indecipherable, disturbing tones. This video interfered with the station's broadcast on multiple occasions and was the last broadcast before the flood. Aboard the Mucky Mammoth, Shannon can find and watch the video in the tugboat's library.

The interlude, Un Pueblo de Nada, relates the events of the final broadcast of WEVP just before it was destroyed during Weaver's interuption of the broadcast, the implied cause of death of Emily, Ben, and Bob.