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Weaver Marquez and Conway in the Marquez Farmhouse

Weaver Márquez is the cousin and childhood friend of protagonist Shannon Márquez. Weaver is cryptic, but never lies. She has a tendency to mysteriously disappear.

Past Edit

Shannon and Weaver were once close, though Weaver was always introverted and strange. Weaver's parents were archivists documenting songs at Elkhorn Mine, where Shannon's parents worked. Sketches of the two children playing among the miners can be found in the shack outside the mine.

Weaver's parents bought the land at 100 Macondo Lane and demolished the original cabin there, building the Márquez Farmhouse in its place. This, unfortunately, sent the family spiraling into debt.

Weaver studied to become a mathematician. She once tried to translate between English and Spanish using numbers.

Weaver once interned with the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces, where she quickly grew bored. She befriended Lula Chamberlain, who remained penpals with her for some time after Weaver's internship ended. Weaver abruptly disappeared and did not return until the events of Act I.

In Act III, it is implied that she spent some time at the Hard Times Distillery, where she gave the skeletal workers a formula to help them pay off their debts. In Xanadu it is also revealed that she worked for Donald at the Hall of the Mountain King at one point.

It is revealed in Act IV that Weaver also used to work for the community station WEVP-TV, where she knew Mimi. Mimi recounts how Weaver disappeared suddenly from the station, which was not in itself unusual given the transience of the station's workforce. However, following her disappearance, a video of Weaver began mysteriously intercepting the station's broadcast, in which Weaver stood in a nondescript room, mumbling a strange and indecipherable message that came through only as a menacing hum. This same video periodically appeared many times on WEVP-TV before the station was finally wiped out by a flood; Mimi remarks that the video of Weaver may in fact have been the station's last broadcast before the flood. If the player chooses to stay aboard the Mucky Mammoth during Act IV instead of visiting the Rum Colony, Shannon finds and watches this video in the tugboat's assorted video collection. Cate mentions also having seen the video of Weaver, describing it as "weird" and seeming vaguely troubled by its contents (a reaction that seems shared by most or all of those who see it).

Act IEdit

Conway finds Weaver at the Márquez Farmhouse. After some roundabout chatting, Weaver tells Conway that he will find the on-ramp to the Zero at the Elkhorn Mine, though she would much rather he find Shannon to fix her TV. Conway is not able to find any on-ramp at the mine, but he does meet Shannon, who reveals that Weaver appeared on one of the old television sets at the bait shop.